Our Mission

We do our best to serve our patients by returning them to work, sports, recreational activities or self-sufficiency as quickly and as safely as possible. We enlist active participation in the recovery process and empower patients with knowledge by teaching them self-management and injury prevention. We are dedicated to caring for the patient but also serving the referring physicians, insurers, and employers by providing cost-effective, outcome-oriented care.

Our Core Values

Humanity- We recognize the fact that patients do not care how much we know, until they know how much we care. We treat everyone with respect and dignity.
Service- Our caring attitude is revealed at every opportunity to serve our patients and customers. We are passionate about our commitment to customer service.
Quality- Our dedication to quality is part of every aspect of our organization from the selection and training of our staff down to the appearance of our facility. We are unwavering in our commitment to provide the highest quality clinical services and are recognized in our community and profession for our clinical excellence.
Value- As responsible members of our community, we price our services fairly, offeringnot only excellence, but value.
Integrity- We are a compassionate company, founded on principles of honesty, integrity and professional ethics.
Team Concept- As individuals we recognize our limitations. If in the course of care further evaluation and treatment is indicated from other respected professionals in or outside our community the subject will be openly discussed with the patient and every effort made to facilitate the best treatment outcome.

Evidence Based Practice

As a leader in our area, Nevada Physical Therapy has embraced combining techniques of Best Practice with the treatment approaches of Evidence Based Practice providing our patients with the best available outcomes today.
What is Evidence Based Practice?
Evidence based practice refers to the use of treatment methods and techniques that are grounded in research based literature. The literature used is the most relevant, current and valid evidence available for making decisions about the care of individual patients. It gives us the ability to integrate research into practice.
What does this mean to you?
Better care and optimal outcomes for patients, with reassurance and accountability to payers, patients and referral sources.