The Clinic

Ownership independence allows our clinical professionals to focus their interests on quality patient care. Our standards are high and we strive for excellence in all that we do; providing the best patient care and unmatched custom service. Our physical therapists are leaders in our profession who are knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to a comprehensive approach to patient evaluation and treatment.

Our goal is to return our patients back to a productive life as quickly and safely as possible. Our treatment philosophy emphasizes an “active hands-on approach” while enlisting active participation in the recovery process and empowering patients with knowledge by teaching them self-management and injury prevention. We go all-out to serve not only the patient but also the referring physicians, insurers and employers by providing cost effective and outcome-oriented care while being committed to our core values.

From our experience with high-level athletes we have learned that athletes demand immediate attention, accurate diagnosis and the establishment of a plan of action that will safely return them to their sport and prevent further injury. A “team concept” model with the patient, physician, physical therapist, athletic trainer and family working together affords the best overall result for all involved.

This “win-win” model is the key to Nevada Physical Therapy’s success and can be applied for all orthopedic involvements and all patients no matter the age or activity level. The retired policeman with a new total knee replacement demands the same quality of life as the professional athlete. The injured worker with a spine condition needs immediate intervention to prevent loss of productivity and avoid unnecessary long standing disability.

Passive forms of physical therapy may provide short term relief but ultimately treatment programs must move into active forms of therapy. Dependence on healthcare providers must be minimized and care transitioned into patient education and self treatment which allows patients to be more personally responsible for their healthcare- leading to independence. Coupled with a skilled and compassionate practitioner helping to guide patients through this challenging process in a non-stressful and motivating environment is what Nevada Physical Therapy is all about.