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Why I think every woman should see a Physical Therapist after they have a baby
No, it’s not because I am a physical therapist, but yes I am a physical therapist. I am a mom. And I am proud to be part of a group of superwomen whose bodies have the capacity to grow little humans, push them out of our vaginas or get them ripped out of our bellies, and then miraculously find the energy to get up and immediately pour our heart and soul into keeping these tiny humans alive. Meanwhile we go through such a critical time of healing with literally no guidance on what the heck to do. This is unacceptable! Read More

K-Tape – Does it really do anything?
Have you ever wondered what exactly kinesiology tape (K-Tape) does? Let’s first start by describing why the tape is so unique. Read More

My Injury Story
Being an athlete (a term I use loosely) I have sustained my fair share of injuries. Like most of you, I give them some time and assume they will heal on their own. In the biz, we call this “Regression to the Mean”. Injuries are a part of being active and while we can reduce our risk for injury through a variety of ways such as managing workload, improving technical proficiency with a movement before progressing weight/distance etc., improving awareness of psychosocial contributors such as stress, nutrition, poor sleep, and a variety of other risk factors that we can modify, sometimes injuries happen. Read More

Direct Access To Physical Therapy: Skip the Doc, Save Time and Money
In the state of Nevada, you have direct access to physical therapy services!1 Many patients we have seen in the physical therapy clinic do not realize they are able to access us first on a self-referral basis, which would save you time waiting weeks or even months to see your primary care physician or physician specialist for a referral. Read More

The Reno-Tahoe Odyssey: An Evidence-Based Training Guide for All Skills
The Reno-Tahoe Odyssey is just around the corner! Have you started training yet? If you were like me, you figured a few miles, a couple times a week in February (ok, March) would be a good start. Never really had a plan, just try to not die the first few weeks and then just figured I'd add a few miles each week and hope it was enough when the RTO came. Sometimes it was. Usually it wasn't. Over the last few years, Tim Gabbett ( has been leading the charge on sports science and injury reduction. Read More

Medical Imaging: Pathology or Interesting Anatomy?
If it's often times more normal to be abnormal then shouldn't abnormal findings be called normal and does it suggest being "normal" is now abnormal? Wait...what? If that was confusing, imagine being a patient and getting a 30-second review of your most recent MRI results! Read More

Shoulder and Neck
In 2003, it was found 6 in 10 working adults used a computer on their job.1 At Nevada Physical Therapy we commonly treat individuals who hold a desk job and have developed neck and shoulder pain over time. We hear complaints of tightness, weakness, and the most common being pain. Usually, these pains have evolved into what we consider chronic pain, meaning pain lasting >12 weeks. These pains can be constant or intermittent, but ultimately make it difficult to concentrate throughout the day. These symptoms often have developed as a result of a sustained posture/position our bodies no longer tolerate. Unfortunately, during these sedentary jobs, we forget to stand and move throughout the day, often stuck in nonoptimal positions. Read More