Oftentimes, your physicians will give you a recommendation or listing of physical therapists in your area. Sometimes your insurance company will guide you with regard to who is "in network" for your insurance plan. Ultimately, however the decision as to where you receive your care is up to you. If you have a specific request, you need to let your physician or insurance company know. If we are not in network for your insurance company most plans have out-of-network benefits that will allow you your choice in physical therapy.


It is the policy of Nevada Physical Therapy Inc. that if you should choose to suspend or terminate your care and treatment, any outstanding fees for professional services rendered to you will be immediately due and payable.


- To know their insurance policy. Patients should be aware of their benefit coverage including which healthcare providers are contracted with their plan, covered and non-covered benefits, authorization requirements, benefit limitations, and cost share information, such as deductibles, co-insurance, and co-payments. If you are not familiar with your plan coverage, we recommend you contact your carrier directly.
-To obtain a referral from their Primary Care Physician (PCP) and/or obtain authorization for treatment from their insurance carrier prior to receiving services. Any non-covered services are the financial responsibility of the patient.
-To pay their co-payment at the time of services, estimated co-insurance amount, and deductible.
-To provide a current copy of your insurance card and if that insurance should change a copy of your new card.
-To promptly pay any patient responsibility indicated by their insurance carrier.
-To facilitate in claims payment by contacting their insurance carrier, when claims have not been paid.


-To provide quality medical care.
-To file insurance claims as a courtesy to the patient. A 60-day period will be extended for pending insurance payment, after which the patient may be held responsible for the entire balance.
-To have open communication with our patients regarding their medical and financial care.


When using insurance, a current prescription signed by a medical doctor, and updated every 30 days, is required for treatment. If treatment continues for a prolonged period, prescriptions must be updated regularly and coordinated with your medical doctor. You are responsible for these updates. Let us know when you will be seeing your physician so we can have a progress report ready. Medicare patients are required to consult with their physicians every 30 days while receiving physical therapy. Please let us know when you are seeing your doctor so we can have a progress report ready. Physical therapy prescriptions are required for treatment.


We are preferred providers for many health plans. In addition, if you have a personal injury/automobile accident with individual coverage, your are a Medicare patient, or have a work Comp injury, we do submit these claims and bill directly for you based on our ability to obtain prior authorization for your treatment. In order for us to bill your health insurance company, we will need the following information provided to our office.
-A current copy of your Health Insurance Card, that is legible to read all information on the card
-A current prescription from you medical doctor
-Signed release/benefit assignment forms.

Physical therapy coverage is often confusing. Although we can assist you with your insurance questions, it is strongly suggested that you contact your insurance directly to determine your coverage for outpatient physical therapy. You may be required to make deductible or co-insurance payment as part of you coverage. Customary method of billing fo physical therapy services is based on the amount and type of services you receive: Therefore, we cannot tell you exactly how much your treatments will cost. However, once we have verified you coverage, we can notify you of your approximate coverage. Please feel free to talk to our billing office regarding your insurance questions.

Patients are responsible for services not covered by insurance, including care that their insurance deems is" "Not Medically Necessary" even though a physician may have recommended the treatment.

Patients without insurance will be set up as "PRIVATE PAY" with payment due at the time services are rendered. Cost of the treatment will be determined at the start of your physical therapy.

Overall patients are ultimately responsible for knowing the details of their coverage (e.g. percent of coverage, deductibles, co-payments, limits on number of visits or date of coverage, your referring physician, or our status as a preferred provider, etc), which may determine the extent of your financial responsibility.